A Digital Punchcard

Written by Foxxtrot Staff.

Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior. 

That sounds good. All businesses want loyal buying behavior from their customers. It's well known that keeping current customers is much less expensive than fishing for new ones.

Loyalty programs for small business usually entail a paper punch card about the size of a business card and a hole punch of sorts. When the customer visits the store, or makes a purchase, they get their card punched. After a certain number of card punches, the customer is rewarded.

Sounds simple, but there are a few drawbacks with a traditional card & punch system.

•    The customer must keep up with the paper card.  That's easier said than done.
•    It's estimated that for every 100 loyalty cards given out, 91 percent are lost. Plus, patrons do not like carrying multiple cards anyway.
•    An employee must stamp the card and that opens the door for fraud.
•    There are virtually no analytics.  Is your reward program providing value?
•    Start up and ongoing expenses to implement and manage.

The Foxxtrot digital punch card technology allows you to overcome virtually all the shortcomings of a traditional system.

•    The customer only needs their smart phone. Their “card” is stored in the cloud.
•    Our system is simple for customers and employees alike. It leverages geolocation and incorporates other security measures to eliminate fraud.
•    Stats are provided as well as the option to capture reward card users for your VIP marketing list.
•    The digital punch card system has no start up or ongoing expenses.
•    Stay on the cutting edge. Don't let technology leave you behind.

How our digital punch card system works.

•    Customer visits your establishment.
•    Using their smartphone, they scan a QR code to sign up and “punch their card”.
•    On subsequent visits they scan the same QR code to “punch their card”.
•    After a certain number of “punches” they can redeem their reward.

Our technology only requires the user to have a smartphone. We use GPS technology to determine the customer is indeed at your establishment before allowing a “card punch.”  If for some reason GPS fails we have a fall-back system using a 4 digit code that can be used.  For additional security you can even pair GPS with a 4 digit code.

Our system provides valuable analytics to help determine how effective your rewards program is as well as the ability to capture customers into your VIP marketing list.

Our system is simple, effective, and user friendly for your customers, staff, and management.  Best of all you incur no additional start-up or ongoing costs associated with running a private rewards program.

Oh, How I Love Thee...VIP List

Written by Foxxtrot Staff.

...Let Me Count the Ways.

The VIP list, marketing list, opt-in list, or whatever you wish to call it is by far the most cost effective, and efficient way to generate significant incremental revenue for almost any business. It is such a valuable tool that I know of one business that calls it their “money maker”.  It only becomes a money maker by getting customers on the list.

Let's delve a little deeper regarding the various ways a customers can easily subscribe to a businesses VIP list.

Methods to opt-in to the text and/or email VIP list

  • opt-in directly from their phone through restaurant signage.  For example, text “pizza” to 555-698-2589 or email “pizza” to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • opt-in through the business's mobile app
  • opt-in through the provided Facebook app
  • opt-in through the provided website widget

These four avenues for capturing a large VIP list encompass local, mobile, desktop, and social.  Everywhere their customers are, Foxxtrot provides a means for them to join the VIP list.

The Com Center is the crown jewel. It is so beautifully simplistic that when a message is typed once, it is sent to both the email and text lists simultaneously. Not only that, the message can also be posted to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously as well.

With multiple ways for customers to subscribe to the VIP list, all it takes is simply leveraging the tools offered. With just a little effort any business can begin building a extraordinarily valuable marketing list.

Here are a few ideas to leverage the system:

  • Create signage inside the business that provides information regarding the VIP list.
  • Install the Facebook app on the business's Facebook page, and periodically post about joining the VIP List.
  • Install the website widget on their desktop site and ask visitors to join.
  • Have employees talk about the VIP list to customers, and the value it can bring to them.
  • Put the businesses QR code on everything that is printed.

Quick Tips About Keywords

Written by Foxxtrot Staff.

Foxxtrot's messaging platform, or what we call “The Com Center,” should be an integral part of every businesses' marketing effort. The Com Center will simultaneously post your business messaging to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, email list, and most importantly...your text list. This is a feature that can add significant revenue, every month, to any business.

Let's briefly address the text message with a focus on “Keywords”.

A keyword, along with the text message number, allows a customer to opt-in to a businesses' marketing list. For example, a Pizza business could have customers text the keyword “pizza” to 601-598-5555 and join a VIP list for specials, coupons, discounts, and information. 

Foxxtrot also provides for multiple keywords so you can segment your marketing lists if desired. Let's continue with the Pizza business. This business uses “pizza” for it's main keyword to send out general specials, coupons, and discounts. Lets assume this business also has a big Monday night football crowd during football season. The owner can simply create a keyword such as “football” and have these customers sign up for that particular list in order to grab specials and information specifically targeted to that demographic.

Every business using text messaging has a unique phone number which means they can choose any keywords they desire. Some systems do not allow this feature which means whoever picks “pizza” or “football” first get's it. That is NOT the case with Foxxtrot.

Getting back to keywords...the key is to keep your keyword short. For example, we have a customer with a business named The Magic Tomato. The keyword chosen for his marketing campaign was simply “magic.” Short and to the point.

There are many clever ways to utilize keywords. Feel free to add your ideas to our forum.

I Want a HUGE...Marketing List

Written by Foxxtrot Staff.

The Foxxtrot messaging platform (Com Center) is a very powerful tool in the hands of a smart business owner. To get the maximum benefit, you must first build your marketing list. The more subscribers who opt-in, the more you can leverage the power of the platform. Initially, you are faced with the old horse and cart conundrum. With a little instruction, and effort, you find it a small hill to climb. Before looking at some helpful hints, let's first get past a common mistake.

The Wrong Way

The most common error, I refer to as the lazy method. You display some uninspiring signage (table tents, posters, etc.) and leave everything up to the customer. You may get a few people to opt-in each week, but that is far from the best you can do. You provide no incentive and have no proactive approach. Unfortunately, this is the typical method employed, and it will not produce the expected results.

The Right Way

To have your list go from 0 to HUGE in a short period of time you need 3 things.

  • Exciting Opt-In Signage
  • Opt-In Incentive Program
  • Buy-In From Management and Employees

Opt-In Signage

Foxxtrot provides many different templates for signage. You have the option to buy from us, or download the templates, and take them to your local printer. We all know from experience that an attractive table tent is likely to be picked up, and read, while a customer is waiting for a meal. For non-food and beverage businesses, an attractive poster or tri-fold flyer could be used.

Opt-In Incentive Program

Due to human nature, it is imperative to provide an incentive to attract attention, and motivate the customer to join your list. Always keep in mind the value of a returning customer. You need to provide a compelling offer that can be redeemed immediately, in return for joining the list. Many provide 10% off their bill, a free appetizer, or similar incentive.

Company Buy-In (most important)

You should provide some basic instructions to your employees, so they learn to "talk up the program."  Have them mention the highlights of joining your VIP list:

  • The customer will receive VIP specials maybe once a week
  • They will not be bombarded with text messages (say, four a month)
  • If they are dissatisfied they can easily opt-out

An Actual Example

I saw one restaurant owner go from 0 to 500 VIP members in less than two months. All he did was personally go around to each table, explaining the virtues of his VIP list. It was really just that simple. He now has well over 1000 VIP members, and he calls his list the “money maker.” When he wants, as he says, to put “butts in chairs”...he blasts out a significant incentive message to his 1000 VIP members. Depending on the incentive he can see anywhere from 1% - 20% redemption. Those are huge numbers. 10 to 200 people take him up on any given offer. He has learned how to use the Com Center to put “butts in chairs”. 

As another interesting bit of information his opt-out rate runs about 1% to 5%. At any given time 95 to 99 percent of those who sign up are still on the list. That's an amazing statistic!

The Com Center can significantly increase monthly cash flow for your business. You do have to work a little work in the beginning to get the list going, but once your list gains traction you can begin focusing on list management rather than member acquisition.

3 Step Sales Process

Written by Foxxtrot Staff.

New resellers might like to hear some sales advice from a seasoned pro. The following sales routine was submitted by a reseller selling our product. We think it makes a lot of sense...

I've been in sales all my life. Sometimes you get lucky and write the deal, first time, on the spot. That is fantastic, but not your typical sale.

Normally, it is a 3 Step Process:

  1. You make the cold call and briefly tell them about the Foxxtrot product while asking them if their business could use more customers. Keep your first visit very brief and non-technical.
  2. You return with a demo app you've prepared to demonstrate what their business will look like with a mobile presence. This is your most important call. Show them the potential benefit from the messaging platform and reputation management system. At this point you're going to hear the typical respone, "I like it, but I need to think about it for a day (talk to my wife, my partner etc.). Do not apply any pressure at this point. If you do the right thing on the second call, you will write the deal on the third one. It is very important to set the appointment for your third call before leaving.
  3. Now you walk in, he knows you, you know him, and you ask him to signup.

The beauty of selling the Foxxtrot system is: the product is so good, it can really sell itself. Any smart businessman needing to add customers (and who doesn't) will see the opportunities for marketing, and retaining customers. This is a very good reason to not apply pressure. You are selling something that every business truly needs. Resellers, who have been in sales for many years, have told us that Foxxtrot is the easiest product they have ever had to sell. If you are not a reseller, signup today and begin earning revenue immediately.